5s3: Measuring and monitoring the circular textile transitions: limitations and needs from a policy perspective


  • M. Scheffer
  • P. Harmsen
  • D. de Wagenaar


The paper will present an overview and review of needs for data and monitoring from a policy perspective. Taking as a context the European policy making, and the consequent policy making at national, regional and local level, the paper will present data presented, needs for data expressed but also needs that are implicitly needed for developing and monitoring policies. The paper will go in depth by examining the policy process and underlying studies done on textile/fashion at Dutch National level and at regional level. The key aspects are the understanding of the footprint of textile production, the understanding of the value chain, the understanding of consumerbehaviour and the understanding of discarded textile streams. The paper takes an academic perspective but enriched by the personal policy experience of the author. The outcome is a research agenda for policy makers.






Sessions 5s3: Circular textiles