5s4a: Protein transition pathways and regional innovation ecosystems: characteristics, challenges and promising directions


  • AL Gerritsen
  • L Klerkx
  • AC Hoes
  • BC van Mierlo
  • B Bulah
  • E Bulten
  • RP Kranendonk


The rise of novel sources of proteins for human and animal consumption is a major development in Europe, the United States and Canada and is also emerging in other parts of the world. These novel sources are derived from plants, fungi, algae, insects or
cellular tissues. Most alternative protein pathways contain particular technology choices, development direction, and related expectations and promissory narratives about how it may benefit sustainable development, health and the ethics of human-animal interaction. This protein transition potentially has profound impacts on land use, environmental pressures and food consumption. So far, the protein transition has progressed rapidly in both food characteristics (taste and texture) and consumption, although meat consumption remains at high levels. 






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