5s4a: Developing a platform for myco-validation of lignocellulosic waste streams.


  • AF van Peer
  • PM Henrickx
  • M Visser
  • B Lavrijssen


Lignocellulose is a vast and renewable resource, representing a large number of agricultural and industrial side streams. Within lignocellulose, lignin is often a major access-limiting factor to other valuable components like sugars and proteins, and more
recently lignin itself is gaining interest for various applications. Wood-rot fungi are known for their ability to modify and degrade lignocellulose in specific and environmental friendly manners. However, wood-rot fungi can’t currently compete economically with
existing physical-chemical treatments, and improvements in their efficiency will be required. This means not only improvement of their lignocellulose modifying capacities, but also their growth in, and suitability to, industrial scale solid state fermentations. 






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