5s4b: How to monitor the progress towards a Circular Food Economy: a Delphi study


  • S. van Schoubroeck
  • V. Vermeyen
  • L. Alaerts
  • K. van Acker
  • S. van Passel


circular economy, monitor, indicators, food, Delphi study


Growing economic production and consumption can lead to scarcity and unequal access to resources, which goes along with many  ustainability concerns. A circular economy (CE) aims to extend the value and utility of products, and uses waste as a secondary resource, leading to a decrease in environmental impacts. An assessment of the progress towards a CE is needed, but still an issue of ongoing debate. A regional or national CE assessment aims to provide indicators that measure and guide the transition towards a circular economy and give feedback to policy-makers and other decision-makers. Such an assessment should include all major systems that are part of the economy, such as housing, mobility, consumer goods, and food.






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