Production of hypoallergenic plant foods by selection, breeding and genetic modification


  • L.J.W.J. Gilissen
  • S.T.H.P. Bolhaar
  • A.C. Knulst
  • L. Zuidmeer
  • R. Van Ree
  • Z.S. Gao
  • W.E. Van de Weg


A set of plant-breeding technologies on the reduction of the allergenicity of food, i.c. the production of hypoallergenic apple cultivars by selection, breeding and genetic modification, is elaborated. The results of extended genomics and gene-mapping research on apple allergen genes (Mal d 1; Mal d 2 (TLP); Mal d 3 (nsLTP); Mal d 4 (profilin)) are supporting to these techniques. The RNAi approach for allergen gene silencing is especially emphasized. The power of integrating medical, natural and agricultural research in the development of allergy prevention strategies is clearly demonstrated.