Established and recent policy arrangements for river management in The Netherlands: an analysis of discourses


  • I. Immink


This paper presents an analysis of two policy discourses on river and flood-hazard management. One is the established discourse ‘Fighting the river’ and the second is the new discourse ‘Room for the river’. The paper focuses on concepts that are part of discourse in order to learn more about their role and position in scientific research. This insight is used to illustrate the main differences between the approaches to hazards and risks adopted by the natural and social sciences. Insights into these differences are important in developing an integrative approach to sustainable river and flood-risk management by collaboration between various actors. The perspectives of water managers and spatial planners are presented in order to clarify the potential role of these actors in a collaborative policy practice. Finally, the results are discussed in a broader and international context of research on hazard analysis, risk and vulnerability assessment