Considerations for future education in integrative landscape research


  • G. Tress
  • B. Tress
  • G. Fry
  • P. Opdam
  • J. Ahern
  • M. Antrop
  • T. Hartig
  • R. Hobbs
  • D. Miller
  • J. Silbernagel
  • N. Winder


This chapter discusses challenges for PhD students involved in integrative landscape research. These challenges include terminology, epistemology, expectations, stakeholder involvement, organizational barriers, communicating and publishing, as well as career development. The chapter presents recommendations for future integrative landscape research involving PhD students and prospects for future education. The recommendations are based on our experiences in research and teaching in general, and on our exchanges with the students in the PhD master class in particular. The recommendations also reflect on the conclusions that can be drawn from the PhD students’ contributions in this book.