FRUITFUL: integrated supply-chain information system for fruit produce between South Africa and The Netherlands


  • J.J. Polderdijk
  • F.E. Van Dyk
  • D. Ferreira
  • G.W. Guis
  • S. Keller


South-African and Dutch research institutes and business partners collaborated in several pilot projects for improving logistical performance and quality performance to strengthen the market position of South-African fruit after deregulation of the domestic market. Based on participatory problem assessment, it was concluded that major bottlenecks for realizing fully integrated exchange of information were far less of a the technical nature (hardware and software), but had to do with the cost side and the ‘human’ nature, e.g., education, procedures, data accuracy, mistrust, competition, institutional capacities and organization. Pilots were conducted to improve inter-company planning, coordination and information exchange, and to enhance the role of the government in moving towards standardization.