1s1b: Use of bio-economic farm models and tools for ex-ante analysis of impacts of policies related to circular agriculture


  • J Helming
  • C Daatselaar
  • W Dijk van
  • H Mollenhorst
  • H Pishgar Komleh


The focus of this paper is on a model toolbox for circular-agriculture policy assessment at farm level. Decisions regarding transition and investments towards circular agriculture are taken by the individual farmer. As a result, knowledge on how (transition to) circular agriculture affects farm management practices and outcome in the field of finance and economics, soil quality, use of finite resources, emissions and biodiversity is essential for the development of a circular agriculture that achieves its ambitions and policy objectives and provides solutions for all involved stakeholders. Based on the above-mentioned integrated knowledge requirements it is concluded that Bio Economic Farm Models (BEFMs) should be in the core of the toolbox. Because our focus is on BEFMs available within Wageningen Research (WR), DairyWise and Farmdyn were selected as the most suitable BEFMs regarding dairy farming.






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