1s1b: Tailor made solutions for regenerative agriculture in a circular food vision: a case-study of a Dutch dairy farm


  • L Schreefel
  • I de Boer
  • C Timler
  • J Groot
  • M Zwetsloot
  • R Creamer
  • A Pas Schrijver
  • H van Zanten
  • R Schulte


Agricultural land which is managed properly can provide ecosystem services and contribute positively to the environment. Within agricultural land, many of these ecosystems services are mediated in the soil: primary productivity, climate regulation, nutrient cycling, water purification and regulation, biodiversity and habitat provision. We are therefore in need for a regenerative and circular mode of agriculture that uses soil conservation as the entry point to regenerate and contribute to multiple ecosystem services, with the aspiration that this will enhance not only the environmental, but also the social and economic dimensions of sustainable food production. 






Sessions 1s1b: Models and tools for estimating circularity of alternative ...