1s2: Can dietary recommendations of animal source food align with circular production principles?


  • A Frehner
  • R Cardinaals
  • I De Boer
  • A Muller
  • C Schader
  • B Van Selm
  • M Herrero
  • H Van Zanten


A change of human diets has potential for reducing environmental pressures that originate from food production. Food Based Dietary Guidelines (FBDGs) can support this change by informing consumers about dietary patterns and behaviour. However, FBDGs are generally designed from health principles and do not include environmental aspects like resource suitability and environmental consequences of the associated food production. Recent research shows that applying circularity principles in food production, such as raising livestock solely on non-edible feedstuffs, leads to resource efficiency and can therefore reduce environmental pressures. Our aim was to assess and integrate nutritional and environmental consequences of limiting animal-source food (ASF) recommendations to livestock raised in a circular food system. 






Sessions 1s2: Healthy foods produced in circular food systems