1s2: Multidisciplinary science based tools enabling transitions towards a sustainable circular bioeconomy


  • H Meijl van
  • H Bos
  • B Elbersen
  • M Meeusen
  • H Dagevos
  • I Vural Gursel
  • W Haas de
  • R Jongschaap
  • S Moghayer
  • S Visser


Focus on the governance of transitions towards a circular and climate neutral economy from a WUR Climate neutral and circular economy perspective. First of all we elaborate on different points of view on the transition process? Furthermore, how can we accelerate transitions and embed trade-off and synergy effects among various policy goals. In our “ governance to transitions†toolbox important tools are (1) a conceptual framework, (2) a monitoring system, (3) an integrated system analyses framework to assess and quantify trade off and synergy effects among policy aims, and (4) governance structures, incentives to change behavior, and a multi actor approach. It analyses frameworks, indicator lists, system analyses framework and governance theories to understand transitions, behaviour and to develop interventions and business models. 






Sessions 1s2: Healthy foods produced in circular food systems