1s2: Circularity cannot be achieved without one health integration


  • S Mckune
  • C Palm
  • S Hendrickx
  • A Havelaar
  • L Mantegazza
  • G Kiker
  • G Dahl
  • J Jones
  • T Sabo Atwood
  • J Hernandez
  • A Adesogan


Recently proposed efforts to move economic systems toward circularity omit integration of One health, a critical component necessary for complete and proper functioning of the bioeconomy. Failure to fully reflect connectedness of animal and human health to ecological health is a missed opportunity to move the food system toward a sustainable, circular bioeconomy. A full understanding of circularity in the food system can only be achieved if and when the health of animals, plants, and humans are safeguarded in concert. Importantly, humans and animals are part of the planet’s ecology and biomass, and preventing and controlling diseases of plants, animals, and humans are an integral part of sustaining the food system. 






Sessions 1s2: Healthy foods produced in circular food systems