1s3: What to conserve and how? Framing of biodiversity and biodiversity management in different contexts


  • V Oostvogels
  • B Dumont
  • I de Boer
  • R Ripoll-Bosch


Biodiversity has become a key topic in the debates around agricultural sustainability, both in academic and public spheres. As such, biodiversity is also often discussed in the context of circular agriculture. However, biodiversity is a broad and complex concept, and it is increasingly recognized that biodiversity is being understood in many different ways. Related to this, people express different ideas of how and for what purposes biodiversity should be managed, using different arguments. In addition, the context of the biodiversity issues that are being discussed are different everywhere; consider regional differences in environmental conditions, agricultural practices, and wider cultural and economic context. For these reasons, we are conducting a study to unravel how people put their ideas about biodiversity into words – how they frame these ideas – and how this framing relates to the regional context. 






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