1s3: Key performance indicators for biodiversity in arable farming


  • A Doorn van
  • W Sukkel
  • D Heupink
  • I Selin Noren
  • J Schutt
  • C Koopmans
  • R Waenink
  • MF Dekkers


To encourage arable farmers to strengthen biodiversity on their farms it is necessary to set clear goals, measure performance and reward their efforts. The use of key performance indicators for farmland biodiversity offers the possibility to monitor contributions of farmers in a consistent way and offers also a solid basis to pay for ecosystem services by value chain partners and governments. In cooperation with key stakeholders an integrated set of KPI’s has been developed and scientifically underpinned. We started by analyzing the main challenges in arable farming for biodiversity and we explored how these can be translated these into key performance indicators. In our presentation we present our results and look forward to opportunities how to implement the KPI’s in practice. 






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