1s4: Suitability of world seas and oceans for seaweed cultivation


  • PAJ van Oort
  • J Verhagen
  • A van der Werf


70% Of Earth’s surface is covered with oceans. Their contribution to world food production is limited. Seaweeds currently contribute less than marginally to world food production. Much uncertainty and speculation exists on whether food production by seaweeds can be boosted to future significant levels. Here we present a quantitative exploration of production potential for seaweed cultivation. The model runs at a global scale, monthly timestep, with 1o (100x100km) spatial resolution. Biophysical site suitability is modelled taking into account environmental variables: ocean temperature, salinity, irradiation, nitrate concentration, phosphate concentration and wave height. Monthly site suitability is modelled on a scale from 0 to 1 (unsuitable to perfectly suitable). Presuming a minimum site suitability of 0.5 during a period of at least 6 months of the year we present maps of global site suitability.






Sessions 1s4: Towards circular marine food production | Sustainable mariculture