1s5: Farm-level indicators for resilience to climate change stressors


  • S Houben
  • D Verstand
  • I Selin Norén


Mixed farming (MF: animals combined with crops or trees) and agroforestry systems (AF: arable or feed crops mixed with trees) are hypothesised to be more capable to either cope, adapt or transform to changing climatic conditions, compared to mono-activity systems. By exploring the potential of these systems, the EU Horizon2020 project AGROMIX supports the transition towards climate resilient farming in Europe. AGROMIX developed a conceptual framework for resilience in the context of MF and AF, as starting point to explore solutions (Püttsepp et al. 2021). Based on this framework, we drafted a set of 17 indicators (deliverable 1.3) that can assess the level of resilience of an individual farm to climate change-induced stresses and shocks. It can also be used by researchers to compare farm systems with one another.






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