1s6a: EJP soil climasoma: climate change adaptation through soil and crop management: synthesis and ways forward


  • S O'Keeffe
  • J Verhagen
  • J Hassink
  • S Garré
  • G Blanchy
  • N Jarvis
  • K Meurer
  • C Di Bene
  • P Nino
  • G Bragato


Soil management and cropping systems enhancing soil structure are key to supporting the sustainable adaptation of EU agriculture to climate change. The occurrence of extreme weather events, such as drought in summer and floods in winter, will increase almost everywhere in the EU. Guidance on management practices and co-learning opportunities to help farmers adapt to these situations are necessary. The project EJP Soil CLIMASOMA contributes to a long-term alignment of research strategies connecting agricultural management, soil quality and climate adaptation potential through its summary of the published literature and identification of knowledge gaps and research opportunities. 






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