1s6a: Soil Mission Support: Co-creating the European Roadmap for Land and Soil Related Research and Innovation


  • L Maring
  • K Helming
  • M Loebmann
  • S Ittner
  • S Keesstra


In 2019, the European Commission defined five major and challenging missions in the areas of cancer, climate change, healthy oceans, climate neutral cities and healthy soil and food. The delivery of new knowledge that will enable the achievement of the missions is funded under Horizon Europe, the 2021-2027 EU research and innovation programme. The two-year EU project Soil Mission Support (SMS) – that started in November 2020 – helps the Mission on Soil health and food by developing a roadmap for related research and innovation (R&I) needs and related activities to support the Mission’s building blocks and objectives. Various actors in the field of soil and land use will engage in the co-creation of this roadmap and will help in trying to integrate these R&I needs in, amongst others, the Horizon Europe Work Programme.






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