1s7: Re-thinking water use in pig diets while accounting for food-feed competition


  • S Misra
  • J Upton
  • EG Manzanilla
  • K O’Driscoll
  • AJ Quinn
  • IJM de Boer
  • CE Van Middelaar


Livestock feed production is one of the primary users of freshwater and arable land, and it is also in competition with human food production. Therefore, we require reconsideration of the way we use freshwater in livestock feed production. The objective of this study is to assess the impact on freshwater use of pork production by using alternative pig diets based on local feed ingredients, or by-products. We explored three feeding scenarios (STANDARD: diets commercially used in Ireland; LOCAL: diets based on ingredients grown in Ireland; and BY-PRODUCT: diets based on by-products only). We calculated the freshwater use, using the water footprint (WFP) method, and the competition for water use between food and feed production using the water use ratio (WUR) for each scenario. 






Sessions 1s7: Water efficiency and water reclycling: what are the options?