3s1: Afforestation in EU: a spatially explicit multi-model framework


  • W. Rossi Cervi
  • W. Hennen
  • D. Oudendag
  • J. Levin-Koopman
  • H. van Meijl
  • G. J. Nabuurs
  • A. de Jong
  • L. de Vos
  • A. Miguel Garcia
  • H. Biemans


Green Deal, EU, afforestation, Integrated Assessment Model


The sustainability commitments of the Green Deal (European Commission) will be guiding the agenda for the near future in order to lead EU to be the first climate neutral continent. As a key driver to reach that goal, the afforestation pledge of approximately 2 – 3 Mha (not an official policy yet) by 2030 will play a key role in this decade, although earlier suggested targets were set much higher (e.g. 30 Mha). However, it is rather uncertain how much land is available to accommodate the afforestation goals due to increase land demand for food, feed and fiber, and where these areas will be established. Given that, we are conducting a land use assessment combing multi-thematic models to project forward looking spatially explicit scenarios to assess where the afforestation areas might take place.






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