3. Economy: Economic perspectives in the circular bio-based society

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Economic activities form the base of our society, and currently development is measured by the narrow metric of economic growth (GDP). We need to rethink economics that ensures prosperity for all within the boundaries of our planet. A circular economy could decouple economic growth from environmental degradation. However, can an inclusive and sustainable economy be achieved with continuous economic growth or do we need degrowth? This requires a new economic framework and within this framework the new circular bio-based society asks for drastic changes in our economy: new partnerships, new products, new business models and as a consequence new markets.

Within this theme we seek for sessions and masterclasses on topics such as: A new economic framework (including role of government and financial institutions). Economic (de)growth in the circularity concept, The world market in a circular society including global and regional competition for biomass between food and non-food products, Circular & climate smart business models (incl risk management), Circular bio-based materials to replace fossil feedstock, circular fashion.

Scientific commitee Hans van der Meijl Erik Mathijs Calliope Panoutsou Thrasivoulos Manios Francesco Razza

Published: 2022-03-31

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