3s2: Agent-based modelling of technological innovation systems: the shift towards circular bioeconomy in the organic waste treatment sector


  • S. Snellinx
  • S. Farahbakhsh
  • J. van Meensel
  • J. Buysse


biowaste treatment, innovation adoption, agent-based modelling, technological innovation systems


Waste is an essential part of the circular economy and bio-waste especially has a lot of potential to be valorised further. Consequently, the waste treatment sector requires new technology and business models to deal with waste in a legitimate manner. Since there are a lot of technical studies that often overlook the context and systemic studies that overlook firm-level needs, we argue that there is a need for a systemic approach to analyse technology innovation in the (bio-)waste treatment sector that centres around waste treatment company decision making. Therefore, we built an agent-based model based on data obtained from 10 waste treatment companies and technology experts. The model explores the mechanisms of innovation diffusion for Volatile Fatty Acid Platform technology that can be integrated into current anaerobic digestion plants.






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