3s2: A cost minimization model for bio-based fertilizer prosumers


  • E. de Keyser
  • E. Mathijs
  • L. Vranken


optimization, linear programming, sustainable business models, bio-based fertilizers


Today’s crop production is heavily dependent on mineral fertilizers. However, excessive use of mineral fertilizer can be linked to environmental threats such as global warming and nutrient pollution. At the same time, there are huge nutrient losses along the food chain as a consequence of food waste. Bio-based fertilizers can address imbalances in regional nutrient cycles and simultaneously reduce environmental harm related to fertilizer use. However, from a farmer’s perspective, an optimization problem arises: the farmer wants to minimize costs while safeguarding nutrient uptake of his crops. Optimization research in the fertilizer domain mainly focuses on scheduling fertilizer application or minimizing manure management costs. The Linear Programming (LP) model developed in this study intends to minimize fertilizer costs for an individual vegetable farmer by taking into account the possibility of simultaneous production and consumption of bio-based fertilizers.






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