3S2: Introduction - Monitoring and modelling the transition from linear to circular production chain in the bio-economy


  • B. E. C. Panatsou
  • H. van Meijl


Regeneration of the natural system is central to the concept of circularity and is also an objective that the EC links to the transition to a biobased economy. However, whether this will happen per definition in a transition to a bioeconomy is a question. A recent assessment of the status and potentials of the circular economy in the EU (EEA 2019) Theme 3: Overview sessions/page 6  concludes that potential synergies between circular material use, climate change mitigation and the halting of biodiversity loss are increasingly recognised, but that such synergies require further integration within and between climate-neutral, bio- and circular economy policies. The report also concludes that the monitoring of progress needs further investment because many relevant data are not readily available in established information systems (e.g. statistical systems) that support such policies.






Sessions 3s2: Monitoring and modelling the transition from linear to ...