4s1: Livestock based Circular Food Systems in tropical islands


  • B. Flipo
  • M. Vigne
  • V. Klienpeter
  • J. Vayssières


Tropical islands are today on the frontlines of climate change and have to face many challenges to improve food security. Implementing circular food systems is necessary to become more self-sufficient and limit environmental impacts. Livestock have a crucial role to play in a circular food system by valorising co-products, waste and grassland and converting them into valuable food and manure. To facilitate the transition towards more circular system, we propose a methodology based on a metabolism approach, which aims to identify livestock-based scenarios to increase circularity of food systems. The methodology proposes 3 levels of accuracy and investment to encompass the large diversity of tropical islands contexts. The 3 levels have the same objective but can be applied depending on the means available in terms of data, time, funds and human resources.






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