4. Partnerships: Governance of transitions

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Major governance challenges arise with the transition to a circular Biobased economy and society. Within this theme we want to address the question of how to steer or bring about this transformative change. We therefore seek for sessions and masterclasses that address questions like: How can governments innovate to facilitate a transition to a circular society – not only by applying traditional regulatory and policy incentives and restrictions, but also by appreciating and facilitating societal and initiatives.

In addition to examining governmental policies the focus is also on private governance arrangements or partnerships between citizens, governments and companies. How to allocate responsibilities for the governance of transitions between public and private actors, between difference layers (global to local) and difference policy domains? How to monitor and evaluate these policies and arrangements?

Scientific committee Katrien Termeer Franco Fassio Raul Mille Frans Boons

Published: 2022-03-31


Sessions 4s2a: Food system transitions in deltas under pressure