4s2a: Effects of salinity on dairy farms in Bangladesh


  • C. C. A. Verburg
  • T. V. Vellinga
  • M. N. Ahsan
  • S. Reza Hasan
  • C. T. H. M. Terwisscha van Scheltinga


Bangladesh, salinity, livestock production, Delta's under pressure


Dairy products are an important source of protein and income in Bangladesh. In coastal communities the majority of the women of the poor  families’ livelihoods depends on livestock rearing and milk business. In these areas it is known that salinity has negative effects on cow health and, consequently, on the productivity of dairy cows. However, it is unclear which factors are more or less influencing these negatives effects.  Only with such information adaptation measures can be developed. In order to develop adaptation measures to address the ongoing and future challenges in the coastal areas of Bangladesh a better understanding on the current effects of salinity on livestock production is necessary. Moreover, current developments on improving dairy production systems in Bangladesh cannot be successful when adaptation measures to  salinity are not incorporated.






Sessions 4s2a: Food system transitions in deltas under pressure