4s1: Carbon farming - case of farm frites


  • R. P. Kranendonk
  • S. Verzandfoort
  • I. Selin Norin
  • L. Fuchs


carbon farming, systemic change, value chain, regional approach


The company Farm Frites has the ambition to produce and sell develop carbon neutral fries to the market. Farm Frites is operating within an experimental collaboration to explore the potentials to enhance the sustainability of the company, the Green Circle. Within the Green Circle collaboration takes place between province of South Holland, knowledge institutes and the company. The Carbon Farming project focusses on the fries value chain, with an emphasis on measures to take at the levels of the farm. There has been made an inventory of potential measures for carbon storage in the soil and carbon capturing by the plants, next to measures to decrease the emission at farm level. Further measures at the level of the company with the processing and the logistics. Also the preparedness of customers and consumers to pay more for CO2-neutral fries is being assessed.






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