4s2a: Understanding Dutch farmers' decision making in the transition towards circular agriculture


  • C. C. de Lauwere
  • M. J. G. Meeusen


circular agriculture, behavioural factors, external conditions, farmers' decision making


According to the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, a transition towards a circular food system—in which the agricultural food chain will be changed  from a linear production chain into a more circular food system with a minimum of unnecessary losses could be an answer to challenges in relation to national and international climate goals and water quality. In a study consisting of literature research, 13 semi-structured qualitative  in-depth interviews with farmers who more or less contributed to circular agriculture, and a survey among 133 arable farmers, 80 dairy  farmers, 79 pig farmers, 59 farmers with mixed arable and livestock farms, 43 farmers with multifunctional farms, 19 farmers engaged in initiatives that contribute to CA and 16 farmers from other sectors, we tried to find out which behavioural drivers and external conditions  influence the decisions of Dutch farmers in the transition towards circular agriculture.






Sessions 4s2a: Food system transitions in deltas under pressure