cover_234.jpg Hassink, Jan; Dijk, van, Majken (Eds.) 2006, X, 357 p., Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4020-4541-7
About this book
Farming for Health describes the utilization of agricultural farms, farm animals, plants and landscapes as a base for promoting human mental and physical health and social well-being. This book gives an overview of the development of ‘Farming for Health’ initiatives across Europe. This development is a logical result of the changing paradigms in the health-care sector and the demand for new social and financial impulses in agriculture and rural areas.
Researchers from The Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Germany, Belgium, Poland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria and Italy as well as the USA contributed to this book. It not only describes the situation in different countries, it also includes scientific papers dealing with different aspects of ‘Farming for Health’.
Written for:
Researchers, policymakers and practitioners,in the fields of landscape development, horticultural therapy, animal-assisted therapy, long-term care and social farming

Published: 2005-12-01