cover_232.jpg Bogers, Robert J.; Craker, Lyle E.; Lange, Dagmar (Eds.) 2006, XVIII, 309 p., Softcover ISBN: 978-1-4020-5448-8
About this book
This book presents the opinions of an international panel of specialists that explored the agricultural, commercial, ecological, legal, pharmacological and social future of medicinal and aromatic plants. It represents a wide collection of views, reflecting the diversity of disciplines and interests of the panel members. It highlights the necessity of continued and integrated research on plant sources, conservation, bioactivity, analysis and marketing in examining future scenarios for application and sale of medicinal and aromatic plants. It shows the need for proof of efficacy and safety in drug development and the need to recognize societies contributing plant materials.
The development of safe and effective medicinal and aromatic plant products depends upon the collaborative efforts of growers, collectors, conservationists, processors and businesses along with those of educators, sociologists, researchers and investors in developed and developing societies. This book shows the progress that can be made by further developing this collaboration to enhance the discovery, production and use of medicinal and aromatic plants.
Written for:
Researchers, educators, policy makers and comercial firms working with medicinal and aromatic Plants. Anthropologists, economists, patent lawyers, botanists, nature conservationists, food processors, pharmacologists and medical professions

Published: 2006-11-01